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"In June 2018, we will have the opportunity to build on the successes of BID1  and continue improving Weymouth’s prosperity. The continuing lack of funding available from local authorities and the competition from surrounding BID towns and resorts makes this an essential opportunity..." - Richard Lamb, Chair of Weymouth BID Ltd.  

Since January a Steering Group made up 10 Levy Payers representing independent business, has been meeting almost every week, to work on the content of the Business Plan for BID2.

In addition, surveys of Levy Payers have been sent out to ask what their wishes were for the new BID term and these responses have been looked at and discussed by the Steering Group. 

Proposals for the new Business Plan made by the Steering Group were put to the Weymouth BID Board at a meeting on 4th April. 

Further discussion took place with the Steering Group and the draft version of the Plan was shared with the Council on 20th April to ensure that nothing included in the plan conflicted with anything in the current local authority plans. 

The Council has agreed to the plan and it will be published and sent out to all Levy Payers by mid May. 

If you are a levy payer and have changed your contact details please let the BID office know in order that no one is missed out of this important opportunity to 'Take Control of Our Future'.

BID2 Documents

Weymouth BID Marketing Brief - Invitation to Tender - December 2018

Weymouth BID Ltd Membership Form

View or download the BID2 business plan (PDF).

Articles of Association

Weymouth BID Funding Application Form

Ballot Results

Weymouth BID declaration of result


Weymouth BID Annual Report 2018-2019



Prior to the BID2 Business Plan being produced it was agreed to include plans to divide the BID area into zones

This is in order to:

-Have a representative and spokesperson for each BID Zone on the Board of Directors

-Support a variety of quality events to be more fairly distributed across the BID area

-Create identities and help foster a sense of  community/ownership for different areas but also link them together to present a united approach

-Work with representatives to understand what they need to improve their zone and help to facililate this

-Enable zones to apply for BID funding to hold events or make improvements


The BID zone maps are now available to view below.

If you are unsure which zone you fall into or you have any questions about the plan then please contact the BID office. 

Thank you to the students of Weymouth College for their map designs.
The names were decided by the Board for now but can be changed by the zones themselves.

Main Zone Map


Zone 1 Map - 

Zone 2 Map 

Zone 3 Map - 

Zone 4 Map -

Zone 5 Map -

Zone 6 Map - 

Zone 7 Map - 


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