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BID 2 Business Plan 2018-2023


Strategy Meetings

Surveys and Questionnaires


2020 Cruise Ship Calendar - this schedule is subject to change throughout the season

Business Plan

Welcome Pack

Scrutiny Review 

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Footfall Figures (via Cameras)

Data provided by Springboard.

Monthly Reports 2018

Monthly Reports 2017

Monthly Reports 2016

Monthly Reports 2015

*In August the footfall cameras were moved to improve data collection

Monthly Reports 2014

Weekly Reports 

Footfall Figures (via Noggin sensors)

Following consultation with levy payers, who felt that they did not benefit from the information provided by this system, Weymouth BID has teminated the contract with the suppliers of the Noggin sensors and these have been removed from the town centre.

Location and movement data Was  annonymously collected from smart phones as they pass by four sensors located in the town. One at the Beach, one at the Harbour, one at Treds and the last at Dream Cottages. These sensors can worked out how many people are local workforce or just visting. The system could see how long people stay and showed where the busiest 'hotspots' were around town.

No personal data is received simply a phone signal. See the Noggin website for more details.

Monthly Reports 2018

Monthly Reports 2017

Weekly Reports 2017 and 2018

Streetwise Signage Report 2016

Find out more about Streetwise here.

Survey Results

Finance Overview

The new BID Board has committed to ensuring full financial visibility to the levy payers. The data released here shows the suppliers over the last 5 years and the roles that they have performed.

In the Board’s view it is imperative that all levy payers understand where the monies have been spent.

In future, as highlighted in the business plan, all suppliers will undergo a rigorous process of evaluation for any roles performed.

The move away from creating events to supporting events will change this process further.

As a new Board, we have tried to move quickly to provide transparency and openness that levy payers have been asking for.

Claudia Moore, COO, said “It is the primary aim of both the BID Board and our operations team to ensure that all levy payers can see where their money has and will be going. There have been multiple requests for us to release costs paid to suppliers over the years but I would like to stress that these payments have been paid legitimately to some very effective and well-respected companies and contractors. It is not our intention for these companies to be viewed negatively and we are grateful for their passion and loyalty to Weymouth BID.

Tourism Reports

Marketing Proposals July 2020

Funding Application Form

Weymouth BID Members AGM

Proxy form for BID mambers to appoint another person to attend an AGM in their place.

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes displayed as 'Draft' until they are approved at the next Board Meeting

Board Meeting Outcomes





Other Meetings

Levy Payer Forum 


Annual Reports

We Are Weymouth Annual Business Report 2019-2020

Weymouth BID Annual Business Report 2018-2019

Weymouth BID Annual Business Report 2016-2017

Weymouth BID Annual Business Report 2015-2016

Weymouth BID Annual Business Report 2014-2015

Weymouth BID Annual Business Report 2013-2014

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