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08 August 2019

Update on the BID Board Christmas Decision


Further to the BID Board meeting yesterday:


The proposal was praised for its passion and vision.

The Board agreed that Option 3 was the option to focus on.

The Board was unable to support the proposal in its entirety but are happy to financially support the elements detailed below in principle after further development of ideas along with firm costing.


The Land Train to be hired from Sea Life Centre for Saturdays and Sundays in December

External Christmas market supplier to be approached by WCCC with a view to having a market on the 1st Saturday to create 1 big launch night – CM to pass on information on providers. This market to be held in St Mary and St Thomas Street

Light Tunnel – where will the electricity come from?

Projection mapping – can this be enhanced or extended in any way?

IVC units

Parade inc donkeys

Straw Snowmen

Hi Vis – we can provide these as have already

Music playing in the town centre to enhance atmosphere



Marketing and promotion

Further comments:

Ringo – The BID would need to see all permissions from WTC, DCC before considering this idea.

Grotto – There are already at least 2 grottos within the levy area that are self-funding. Would it be better to promote them and perhaps have a pop-up grotto in a shop like Howleys? Sea Life may be willing to lend Santa for the light switch on. Could we have more info on grotto plans including staffing, a commercial plan and location please?

Any unused funds to be used to purchase more Christmas lights for the town

Craft Market – Are there any indoor venues that could be used instead due to location issues. E.g. Pilgrim House, Pavilion

Snow Machines – could we see prices for buying these instead of hiring?

Staging – The BID would like to see a full programme of the events planned for the stage before committing the funding

Children’s activities – Please could we have more information on this please before a decision is made?

Restrooms – can you confirm what/who these would be for etc?

Security - Please could we have more information on this please before a decision is made?

Additional questions:

Who will hold the responsibility for all the event including for H&S?

Who will be signing everything off?


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.





Message from Xmas committee:


Well, we’re not very happy with the lack of support and lack of vision. I don’t want to detail a response here but the board totally miss the point. A craft day in the Pavillion, one day street market, pop up grotto, - they are like the last 5 years plus 10%. We’re not wasting time on those things. We are revising our plans accordingly and trying to take the positives (there are some) and build on them. We thought we should maybe meet up with you, Richard and Ian to tackle some of the issues. What do you think?





Hi Nigel,


I hope you had a great holiday. I have to go out to meetings in a minute so thought I would email you.


The BID Board met on Friday to discuss Christmas proposals and commented on the drive and enthusiasm of your team.


After considerable discussion, they have come to the decision to use an events company for the majority of the celebration. This is due to cost and concerns for health and safety. They felt that perhaps the team were not experienced enough to deliver a professional event of this magnitude and we do not have sufficient resource in house to assist you with what will be an awful lot of work.


However, they would like to ask if you would be willing to work with and around the events company to deliver some of the elements that you have a strong passion for e.g. children’s activities, straw snowmen, projection mapping, craft/food market and all the community involvement pieces for which we can agree a budget together.


Please let me know if I can assist with anything.


Kind regards,


Claudia Moore



Dear Nigel


In respect of your email please find the following;


To deal with your points raised in no particular order….yes Ian and I were very enthused about your plans and struck by your passion for all things Christmas, however your plans or rather the cost of such items were not commensurate with our budget and we would be spending some 50% of our available spend on Christmas. It might in some people’s eyes make the contentious Ice Rink look great value, having cost the BID circa £35-40K.


We all felt that the Land Train idea was great but the issues of storage, insurance and staffing, let alone the existing health and safety concerns already expressed by Sea Life who have years of experience running the same thing, albeit within limited operating times, rendered this untenable.


As I have always stated we [Weymouth BID] are not an events company and it is our raison d’etre to act as responsible guardians of the BID Levy Payers Contributions and to this end we really need interested “parties” or entities to offer projects to the board and whilst we are happy to express opinions we do not wish to micro manage events.


I do apologise if you feel that we have not taken you seriously because rest assured we have, it has been unfortunate that we have failed to communicate or attend meetings, like yourself we have all been very busy and in fairness, Claudia as COO might have been the most appropriate person to attend having a degree of impartiality in this.


We as part of our obligations as a board still have to work towards a “Christmas” event/s and we have to look at all options so using an external events company may be our only option and your statement that you are unwilling to work with an external agency whilst this is clearly your prerogative, does little to resolve this hiatus and your thinly veiled “threats” do little to help us move forward.


Having spoken to most of the board members we are more than happy for you to make public any of our communications.


We would like to work with you on this and maybe we could identify elements that we can help financially support.


I am not down this weekend, but fellow Board members are around if you want to chat to them..







Richard Lamb






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