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Levy Payment Information

The information provided here should help BID members understand the process of collection and why the BID is able to collect a levy.


This also explains when the levy is due, how to pay, and the process for collection in the event of none payment.

The important message is that if you have not received an invoice by the end of September please contact the BID as the process of collection by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council starts once the invoice is sent out in September.

Levy Information

The BID levy is an annual fee for all businesses in the BID area with a rateable value of £6,000 and above.

The charge is 1.5% of the rateable value. Here are some examples:

Premises Rateable Value 1.5% Levy Fee
£6,000 £90
£10,000 £150
£12,000 £180
£15,000 £225
£20,000 £300
£25,000 £375
£30,000 £450
£40,000 £600
£50,000 £750
£75,000 £1,125
£100,000 £1,500
£200,000 £3,000
£300,000 £4,500
£560,000 £8,400
51 % of BID members pay between £90 – £255 per annum

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council is the largest contributor in the levy area with a total of £22,000 per annum 

Legal Status

It is a statutory charge collected on behalf of the BID by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council.

A Ballot of all the businesses in the proposed Weymouth BID area was based on the Weymouth BID2 Business Plan. This was successful in achieving a YES vote in May 2018..

As a result with effect from 1st September 2018 the BID came into operation for a period of 5 years (2018-2023) and is able to raise an annual invoice through Weymouth & Portland Borough Council.

The relevant BID legislation is contained in the Business Improvement Districts (England) regulations 2004


Businesses are invoiced annually in September each year based on a levy of 1.5% of their rateable value. All businesses with a rateable value of £6000 and above within the BID Area pay the levy.

The BID is set up so that all businesses trading at the 1st September each year are liable for the levy.

New Businesses

The legislation covers new businesses. They are liable for the charge even though not operational at the time of the original ballot.

Businesses that open within the period 1st September – 31st July each year are not liable until the next annual levy.

Levy Invoice

The Levy is raised and invoiced annually in September by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council on behalf of Weymouth BID Ltd

The BID along with WPBC check the Business Rate data for any changes, alterations or deletions required and then the invoice is sent out, normally in the second or third week in September each year.

All monies are collected by WPBC. Weymouth BID then raises invoices for the monies to be transferred into the BID account to enable the BID to deliver the projects and activities as agreed by the Board and based on the Business Plan. 

The Process

The Invoice is normally sent out by the middle of September.

·         The Invoice should be paid to WPBC (01305 838000) within 28 days.

If payment is not received by WPBC within 28 days:

·         A reminder invoice is sent out on the 28th day with 7 days to pay

.         If payment has not been made by the date of the Notice WPBC will start the formal process for collection through the Magistrates Court.

Collection and enforcement arrangements are the responsibility of Weymouth & Portland Borough Council.

Weymouth BID and WPBC meet regularly to discuss all aspects of levy collection.

Payment Queries

Whilst all efforts are made to ensure the data is accurate, past experience has shown contact names and company names can change, affecting who the levy should be sent to.

Queries to be dealt with by Weymouth BID Tel 01305 779410

·         Incorrect Company Name or Contact Name

·         Incorrect Invoice address

·         General query on payment or levy

To help please have your invoice to hand and quote the invoice reference number which is normally an 8 digit number on the invoice.

Queries to Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Tel 01305 838000

·         How to pay

·         To make payment

We would always recommend that if you have any queries or are unsure about the levy please contact the BID to see if we can help or provide the information you require. We are always happy to discuss how the BID can help support your business through promotion and increased footfall. 

CLICK HERE for this information in a PDF format. 

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