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Totally Locally is a free marketing kit that creates strong, vibrant towns and sustainable local economies.

Independent businesses and shops are the bedrock of our communities, and when they thrive they create real jobs, cohesive towns and strong economies. Totally Locally helps people to rediscover and fall in love with their high streets.

Many of our projects are award winning, and our Town Kit is used by groups all over the world making their towns better places to live and work.








Who We Are


We are marketeers, designers, brand experts, consultants and activists. We have huge experience in creating events, building campaigns, creating brands and introducing schemes that have big social and economic impact in small towns. We love our work.

We are not funded, this is not our job so we provide these how to guides, videos and resources to help you to setup Totally Locally in your town

What We Do


We create clever campaigns and events that really engage with people. We give away our free Totally Locally Town Kit so that towns have a starting point to foster pride in the places that people live, work and visit. We change towns!

Our Vision


We foresee new ways of working, ideas swapping and collaboration for businesses and organisations to create thriving local economies. We want to future-proof local supply chains, and to help everyone to become aware how spending a little bit of their money “Totally Locally” can have a huge impact on local jobs, business, economies and life.


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