Marketing Weymouth

Managing a robust brand and marketing strategy, promoting Weymouth as a key destination throughout the UK and beyond.
Levy payers told us that alongside physical improvements they wanted to see better targeting of marketing programmes, using a more cost-effective marketing model.
The role of the BID is to support events created by others rather than trying to be an events company. External creativity needs to be supported, encouraged and made easier to deliver within the town.
The ‘We Are Weymouth’ brand is used as a platform from which to reach people and encourage them to make a positive decision to spend time and money in Weymouth.
We invite interested parties to work with us to create a compelling, year-round events programme. Prior to any agreed investment, proposals will be publicised on the website and formally presented at Board meetings. All levy payers will have the opportunity to have their say prior to any decision being made.
Our support will help people in the community to put together events, for example by helping secure permissions from the Police, Council and Harbour Master, and we will promote their events both locally and nationally.
Within the BID we have a significant number of multiple retailers who play a key role in encouraging people to come to the town. As part of all the marketing communication we want to maximise their visibility so that the full offer of the town is seen by visitors.
In summary our focus is:
  • Build a robust brand and marketing strategy
  • Manage the ‘We are Weymouth’ website and associated social media within a realistic and appropriate budget
  • Build annual events plan through coordinating with event organisers
  • Work closely with relevant bodies to market Weymouth, including Weymouth Area Tourism Association, Visit Dorset and the Dorset Tourism Association
  • Create marketing solutions that complement and enhance the work of others
  • Work with traders to develop local initiatives to increase retail and tourism footfall such as Weymouth Loyalty/Gift cards