Shaping Weymouth

Representing levy payers in key decisions which shape the town.

To ensure the security of the future of Weymouth as a vibrant coastal town it is important that the BID provides a strong, unified voice to champion your interests. 

We recognise that there is a network of government institutions and other bodies who have the responsibility, as well as the power and resources, to make positive improvements in the BID area; therefore, as your BID, we will continue to provide a strong voice to directly represent your interests and lobby for the changes you want to see. 

There are a number of specific, existing and developing areas that we are already taking part in which will continue to develop and will affect the shape and feel of the town over the next BID term such as the Neighbourhood Plan, the Seafront Masterplan and The Flood and Coastal Erosion Plan; We will survey you, share your concerns and ascertain your perspective to ensure your views are heard. 

We believe that we can make a difference and be the conduit between you as the business community, Weymouth Town Council and Dorset Council in communicating priorities on matters such as: 

• Parking 

• Transport 

• Economic Growth 

• Investment and Development 

• Licensing 

• Conservation 

• Highways 

To ensure that projects are managed in line with baseline agreements, and we play a proactive part in any consultation process providing a strong unified voice to champion your interests. 

We will make every endeavour to unite Dorset Council and Weymouth Town Council in making decisions that have a positive impact on the business community with a focus on economic growth.