Pirates on the Esplanade

Pirates invade Weymouth as Dorset’s pirate past is celebrated this October

‘Invitin’ all ye scallywags and Strumpets, Rascals and Ruffians to partake of our free piratey shenanigans as our crews take over this ancient port of Weymouth for mischief and naughtiness!’

This October sees Weymouth celebrate its rich maritime history, with a focus on pirates!  Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries high taxes led to an increase in illegal imports to Britain. Weymouth’s position on the South Coast meant that it became a hub for contraband; and so the battle between smugglers and customs men began… 

Weymouth Pirate Fest, draws on this pirate history with a family friendly festival of fun and shenanigans!  Events and re-enactments will take place throughout the town and visitors as well as locals are welcome to dress up and join in.  

Brought to you by We Are Weymouth (BID) and Celtic rock band The Dolmen, activities begin at 8.30pm on Friday 14th October with a Dolmen Pirate Quiz in the ‘Pirate’s Keep’ at the Belvedere Inn on Boot Hill.  The morning of Saturday 15th October sees pirates from Weymouth, the UK and Europe gather by the old The Boot Inn at 10.30am for a pirate parade! The parade begins from The Boot Inn to the spirited sounds of pirate band The Boarding Crew, before moving through the town with The Dolmen and their troupe of drummers at the lead.  

There will be live reenactment performances and piratey fun throughout Weymouth, but the focus of the activities will take place near The Boot Inn on Boot Hill.  There will be a host of live performances on the main stage, including international bands The Dolmen and Perkelt, along with the Celtic Giants, Connach, The Boarding Crew, The Shakespearos and The Sensational Infernals, with more to be confirmed.  There will also be a traders’ Pirate Bazaar, selling plenty of treasures on which to spend those pirate doubloons!   

At 11pm festivities will move up to The Belvedere for acoustic performances and more pirate jollity.  

To conclude the weekend’s pirate fun, the team at The Belvedere will be serving a hearty breakfast between 10am & noon for any sore heads, followed by the Survivor’s Party from 1pm.  

Dawn Rondeau, We Are Weymouth’s Chief Operations Officer comments: “We Are Weymouth is excited to see the return of pirates to Weymouth for this brilliant celebration of our coastal past.  With a focus on family friendly events, we aim to support local organisers such as The Dolmen to put on events such as Weymouth Pirate Fest.  We want to encourage locals and visitors alike to enjoy the town’s hospitality and head into the Town Centre, taking part in a fun-filled weekend of Piracy in Weymouth”          

Taloch Jameson of The Dolmen comments:  “We’re all really looking forward to bringing the pirate clan back together in Weymouth this October. We invite everybody of all ages to travel back with us and our re-enactors into the Golden Age of piracy, to enjoy a great day of live music and shenanigans, to visit the Pirate Bazaar and to march with us in our pirate parade.”

With many thanks to sponsors for making all this possible: We Are Weymouth, The Fantastic Sausage Factory, Belle’s Bakery, Tattoo Morningstar, The Belvedere Inn, Sherrens the Printers, West Dorset Aquatics, Gazzini’s Hair & Beauty, Gazzini’s Coffee & Pizza, Precision Engraving and The Duke of Albany.