We Are Revolting!

Revolting Artists 2: A Subversive Alternative Art Event Sponsored by We Are Weymouth   

The much-anticipated Revolting Artists is set to return to Weymouth for its 2024 edition, promising an electrifying, subversive and alternative look at art and culture across a number of different channels. Hosted at St Nics Gallery in Weymouth Town Centre, events span the weekend from 29th March to 1st April.   With over 80+ artists, short / full length films, workshops, talks and live performances on offer, Easter weekend 2024 will offer something interesting for everyone.   

Organised by Revolting Artists with sponsorship from We Are Weymouth, the weekend’s theme is Hope – The Underdog Winning with art from a collective of urban and subversive artists from around the UK, and further-a-field.  These artists produce work in a variety of disciplines including graphic design, painting, graffiti, performance poetry, photography and music. 

Dawn Rondeau-Irvine, Chief Operations Officer at We Are Weymouth comments: “When Revolting Artists approached, We Are Weymouth for funding, we saw a chance to support the arts in a new and interesting way, whilst encouraging a new demographic to visit the town. Weymouth has a real hub of creatives, and this event not only showcases our local artists but attracts artists and visitors from near and far.  We’re keen to see more events and exhibitions like this in the town, showing something different, and highlighting another facet of our town.”   

The Revolting Artists is curated by local artists Bod and Smithsonian Rösterino; their mission is to create a grass roots art scene whilst shining a spotlight on local and international artists whose work embodies social commentary or has a subversive edge. 

“​The new politics of the culture war has spawned a wealth of artists and activists who want to respond to a wide range of subjects from the cost-of-living crisis to gender politics. Many of these artists use the tools of advertising to reflect satirical and subversive messages back to the consuming masses, blurring and confusing the lines between art and life.” 

As a community-driven initiative, Revolting Artists aims to foster connections, spark creativity, and provoke conversations that resonate far beyond the gallery walls. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a curious spectator, or an aspiring artist, the festival invites you to join in the celebration of art that dares to challenge and inspire. 

For more information about the Revolting Artists Festival 2024, including the full program of events and ticketing details, please visit Revolting Artists Festival Website. 

After a busy day at Revolting Artists, it’s time to explore Weymouth’s Town Centre, enjoy the harbour at dusk, sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine, head to one of the award-winning restaurants, or stay later to experience fantastic live music.  For full information on where to stay and what to do, head to www.weareweymouth.co.uk